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Product Tracking
Start Security and Guarantee it from your door to theirs
Unique mark offers product tracking software that makes tracking a package from distribution to the hands of the consumer no longer a vague possibility but an affordable reality. This authentication and product tracking software was designed to make the daunting task of product management simple. With the capabilities of Unique Mark's QR code, you can organize and track cases of product as a whole, or down to each single unit. This unique product tracking software makes authentication and protection of your company's brand and image secure. Offering customer's assurance that they are receiving what they expect from a company and feeling confident in a business is a hard sell in today's world. Unique Mark provides you with the opportunity to link your products directly to your company's webpage or business information.

Your Mark is a Unique Mark
In an age where photo alteration programs make it easier and easier to duplicate packaging and images, counterfeiting products is becoming a dangerous and expensive reality. Protecting your products protects your customers. Until now, companies have paid thousands for specialty packaging and labels in an attempt to stop counterfeiters from replicating their company's identity and attempting to fool customers with less potent or even dangerous ingredient combinations. Counterfeit products do more than just fool consumers; they create a risk and danger for the buying community.

While some counterfeit products are just cheaper knockoff versions, counterfeit supplements, beauty products and pharmaceuticals can contain entirely different ingredients, altering the potency of these products and even making them a health risk to buyers. Unique Mark helps ward against further counterfeit woes. The unique 24 digit code allows for product information to be captured and loaded into the Unique Mark system, which affords you tracking security at a cost much lower than easily removed security stickers and expensive printing techniques.

Start security with stage one of development. Unique Mark's success lies in its focus on becoming a part of the products identity and that often starts with packaging. In the same way that our own unique and identifying mark, our finger prints, are developed in our earliest stages of life, Unique Mark begins by printing specific QR codes to each master cases and then on each individual product. The technology behind QR codes is remarkable. You can take one QR code and designate it to a master case and then break that same QR code down and associate it with every case and individual package within one master case. It's never been so easy to track entire packages and multiple quantity products.
Database Hosting
Type, Track, Troubleshoot
Unique Mark's database will house all of your product information, along with distribution information and even information if your products are then offered for wholesale. This Revolutionary Proprietary Software makes all of your pertinent distribution information just a click of the mouse away. You will be able to access who you are suppling to, when you have supplied them, what quantities you supplied them. This information can easily be accessed and organized for reporting and staff training. Half of the battle of making your products image, reputation and brand protected is being able to offer and provide security. A system for tracking and knowing where your products are who else is selling them is the first defense in product and brand protection.

Controlled Distribution
Stop spending hours tracking price gougers, Enforce MAP with ease
The Unique Mark system offers you the ability to know where your product is going and who it is being distributed to. You can also track the quantities of products that an other company is going there and isolate individuals who are selling without authorization or not following M.A.P. compliance. Successfully being able to block a distributor from wrongfully or inappropriately selling your product requires you being able to isolate them and identify them. With the tracking capabilities of Unique Mark you will be able to associate certain QR codes with specific distributors, if you find that distributors are selling your product for less than what M.A.P. compliance dictates, you can stop and block them from continuing to sell your product. Your company has a reputation and rapport with your customers, don't let ill distributors distribution tactics and resellers in competition ruin what you have worked so hard to create.

At Unique Mark, we will gladly work with your facility to certify 100% accountability of our Unique Mark software. We can work with your manufacturers to ensure proper printing and tracking capabilities. Or we can offer packaging from our own facilities. The Unique Mark is a special QR code that can hold 300 times more information than a traditional UPC barcode. This code offers business solutions otherwise not possible. Manage, track and authentic your products with a Unique Mark.

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The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.
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