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The world of counterfeit products is growing. While some counterfeit products can result in harm for consumers, other counterfeit operations may fund far more malicious schemes. It is estimated that the world of counterfeit products cheats the United States and businesses out of more than $200 billion annually. That is $200 billion dollars of merchandise that is sold, untaxed and taken away from companies and businesses. Some counterfeit operations support gangs and terrorists groups. Individuals who produce counterfeit merchandise only have one goal, make money quickly. People can counterfeit just about anything: books, CDs, pharmaceuticals, supplements, handbags, cosmetics, designer hair care products, etc.

At Unique Mark, our goal is to protect business and protect customers. While consumers think they are getting a bargain when buying this from a counterfeit source, they are actually paying more for it in the end. They risk their own health and safety and pay more in taxes as a result of the money and revenue that is lost due to the counterfeiting business. Unique Mark has a variety of possible solutions for companies in a variety of areas.

Unique Mark Possibilities:
Salon Products
Possible Unique Mark Solutions
Supplements -- can easily be tracked and verified with a Unique Mark placed directly on the packaging. This QR code can be printed directly on labels or bottles. Printing directly on the product's label allows you the guarantee that removal of the Unique Mark QR code would obvious and deface the product's packaging. Replication of the code will be next to impossible. Counterfeiters will not be able to replicate the special encrypted information on the QR code that links customers directly to an authorization web page.

Books -- QR codes can be printed on the bindings of books which cannot be removed. Again, these codes are unique to the product and the company and with their conception at the beginning of the manufacturing process, counterfeiters are not able to duplicate the delicate and individualized information the Unique Mark provides.

Handbags -- printing QR codes directly to the inner lining of a handbag makes it impossible to remove and resale. Counterfeiters have become increasingly accomplished with designing counterfeit handbags, but if you make the Unique Mark a part of the products design counterfeiters are at a loss for recreating or removing your products unique fingerprint.

Unique Mark goes one step further in offering your company protection and security. We start with your customers, instilling confidence and assurance in your company and products. Next, we assist you in protecting your company's name, brand and reputation. Finally, you can track and identify buyers of your product that are reselling it or wrongfully distributing it without authorization. A company's reputation can be ruined at the hand of counterfeiters or unauthorized distributors. Unique Mark gives each package an identity, a unique fingerprint, which gives you the capability to track and protect your company's image and reputation. Unique Mark -- protects your products, protects your customers and protects you.

UniqueMark News

Fake Viagra, and more, in Bangkok
Pharmo-piracy sweeps Thailand, and the rest of Southeast Asia. It's a deadly problem.

BANGKOK, Thailand - Little is real in Patpong, a glowing bazaar and sex district here in Bangkok. The Gucci is fake, the DVDs are pirated and the go-go girls tell every man he's handsome.
Drugs too are sold here openly. Not speed or cocaine, but Viagra - or at least diamond-shaped, blue pills that resemble the real thing. After dark, one aging female vendor displays dingy Viagra boxes at her stall to attract customers.
When a man shows interest, she dispatches a teenage runner to retrieve the pills from a secret location nearby. The price: $6 per tablet, $4 cheaper than the average U.S. cost.

"You want it?" asks the runner. "It's a good price."

It's likely too good to be true. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are widespread in Southeast Asia, sold for cheap on the street or in rural mom-and-pop markets.
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Inland Police Targeting Counterfeit Sellers
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.

Inland authorities are picking up the latest designer handbags, trendy clothes and hot new movies still in theaters -- but they might not be what they seem.
They are counterfeits, many of which are being sold at local swap meets and grocery store parking lots, being passed off as the real deal.
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.
Some of the profits from the counterfeit and bootleg sales have been traced to criminal gangs and help fuel global terrorism, police said.

"If other crimes are associated, these are not everyday citizens we're seeing every day selling counterfeit goods," Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Zachary Hall said. "This is a very easy way to swindle people and make a quick dollar."
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