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What was once an internet based business that run from a spare room in a home, has now turned into a fully staffed, 6,000 square foot building with storefront operations and numerous Internet websites. With increasing sales came a demand for employees to help package, ship and assist in customer service.

In April 2004, Executive Image International Inc. was established and has been growing steadily by at least 30% each year. What sounds like instant, overnight success took hard work and dedication on the part of a devoted and exceptional staff. With our gross revenue eclipsing 10 million since conception and our monthly orders totaling 10,000 and growing, we are constantly working to be more efficient in our methods so that we continue to impress our customers and bypass our competitors.

Our company specializes in Health and Beauty with a very diverse line of products, supported by a knowledgeable customer service department that contributes to our high ratings. To remain a threat to competitors and ranked high among our customers, every department must work together to ensure that customers are constantly kept up to date on shipments, product information or any sort of ordering issues. We found success by utilizing key marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, while also developing individual websites for single products, niche product sets, or sites devoted to our entire catalog.

Our company thrives by keeping communication between departments open and consistent. Every person plays a vital role in keeping our business running smoothly. The shipping department works long hours to guarantee that orders have a fast, often less than a 24 hour ship out rate, so that our rankings on these customer satisfaction and feedback driven sites is always above 95 percent.

Our marketing, Internet services, purchasing and website development teams all contribute to our success and continual progress. Designing more efficient sites with better content keep customers returning to our sites and ordering again and again. With a staff devoted to product purchasing, we are constantly finding the newest items and maintaining stocked shelves. Progress makes room for new opportunities to improve, grow and better supply customers with the products they desire.
A company that strives for excellent rapport with their customers does more than just concern themselves with timely deliveries and excellent service; it tackles the challenge of manufacturing products that are not yet out there. In the last two years, we have helped establish two new companies and their products. The products are for men and women's health, Destinol for women and Sweeterex for men. With a new branch of business, there is a new demand for marketing, wholesale and product design. Our design staff has to be constantly working to appease our customers. They tackle the hard obstacle of being creative and original, while also being informative and reliable to customers.

New companies require new approaches to protection as interest and popularity of a product arises. With the success of Destinol and Sweeterex came the need for a system with better tracking capabilities, along with a better opportunity to interact and provide support for our customers. With threats of other companies trying to replicate our products, we needed a new, better way to track and mark our products. This need led to the creation of Unique Mark. With Unique Mark, we were able to support a growing demand for our products while also maintaining quality control and protect of our brand and company reputation.

For us, there is no end of the day. While the doors may be locked up and the offices vacant after closing time, our products and services are still working to reach the masses. Thriving and growing in the health and beauty field - as well as creating and maintaining separate product production - requires an eagerness to embrace the brainchildren of technology. By joining social outlets like Facebook and Twitter, we create an identity and trusted name that is a dependable source for all of our customer's health and beauty needs. By starting Unique Mark we can ensure the longevity and success of our company for years to come.

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Fake Viagra, and more, in Bangkok
Pharmo-piracy sweeps Thailand, and the rest of Southeast Asia. It's a deadly problem.

BANGKOK, Thailand - Little is real in Patpong, a glowing bazaar and sex district here in Bangkok. The Gucci is fake, the DVDs are pirated and the go-go girls tell every man he's handsome.
Drugs too are sold here openly. Not speed or cocaine, but Viagra - or at least diamond-shaped, blue pills that resemble the real thing. After dark, one aging female vendor displays dingy Viagra boxes at her stall to attract customers.
When a man shows interest, she dispatches a teenage runner to retrieve the pills from a secret location nearby. The price: $6 per tablet, $4 cheaper than the average U.S. cost.

"You want it?" asks the runner. "It's a good price."

It's likely too good to be true. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are widespread in Southeast Asia, sold for cheap on the street or in rural mom-and-pop markets.
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Inland Police Targeting Counterfeit Sellers
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.

Inland authorities are picking up the latest designer handbags, trendy clothes and hot new movies still in theaters -- but they might not be what they seem.
They are counterfeits, many of which are being sold at local swap meets and grocery store parking lots, being passed off as the real deal.
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.
Some of the profits from the counterfeit and bootleg sales have been traced to criminal gangs and help fuel global terrorism, police said.

"If other crimes are associated, these are not everyday citizens we're seeing every day selling counterfeit goods," Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Zachary Hall said. "This is a very easy way to swindle people and make a quick dollar."
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