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Leave Your Mark -
  Do more with UniqueMark.

Unique Mark is more than just Product Tracking Management and Authentication Software:
  Reduce counterfeit ingredients, formulas and packaging
  Stop Price Diversion and unauthorized product selling
  Start security product tracking management
  Ensure M.A.P. pricing compliance
  Increase customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty
  Affordable Solutions for Priceless Results
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Every product should have a Unique Mark.

Are you seeing your brand being
  hacked to bits by shady retailers?

Are you tired of spending hours trying to track the leak in your company? Calling your attorney every day trying to file charges on unscrupulous websites? UniqueMark can help.
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Can you spot the fake?

Can you spot the fake?
  Your customers can't either.

Are you frustrated because you have so little control over your company's image? The most important part of maintaining your company's reputation is delivering the solid, quality product your consumers expect. Counterfeit products put that reputation in serious jeopardy, and Unique Mark can stop it.
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Stop throwing away your profits and your reputation!

Are you losing thousands in sales
  due to diverged products?

Unique Mark has a plan of action specially designed for you! With our Unique system, you will know where your products are and be able to ensure proper compliance from all of your retailers.
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Your product's security should have its own unique mark, like a unique fingerprint, offering your business a unique solution for product tracking management. Unique Mark is authentication software, providing your business product tracking management so you can put an end to counterfeiting, control price gouging and improve customer satisfaction at an affordable price. Until now, finding a solution for these problems seemed impossible and financially unattainable.

With Unique Mark's authentication software, tracking is now possible beyond your facility. Unique Mark gives each product a unique fingerprint that follows along with it from production to distribution to the customers' hand. A special series of 24 numbers and a QR code are assigned and printed on each package. This unique mark and QR code is then scanned at production, again when the distributor receives it, and once more if the distributor wholesales the product. However, the perks of authentication software are beneficial beyond the manufacturer level -- they offer your customers a secure source to verify product authentication.

QR codes can be scanned, read and verified anytime, from almost anywhere. To access the authentication software is as easy as taking a picture with your iPhone or any device that has the scanning software on it. Customers can also visit the website, input their code and with a single click trace their products history.

It's your product, your name and your business. Who ever said replication was next to idolization was wrong. You brand company images in hopes that they leave a unique mark, stand out and find a personal place in consumers' homes. Dishonest distribution and reproduction of products can have multiple repercussions for your brand, company image and customer satisfaction.
In the same way you brand company image, you can brand company security, too. You want your marketing, your company's logo, and your customer service to be unique and stand out in comparison to all other businesses. Tall order, but start security product tracking management and regain dominance and prominence in your business field.

Leave Your Mark
Unique Mark is more than just Product Tracking Management and Authentication Software:
- Reduce counterfeit ingredients, formulas and packaging
- Stop Price Diversion and unauthorized product selling
- Start security product tracking management
- Ensure M.A.P. pricing compliance
- Increase customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty
- Affordable Solutions for Priceless Results

Companies that withstand generations of change base business on fair practice, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and reliable, trusted products. Unique Mark helps you to protect your brand, company products and provides you with the tools necessary for your company to achieve a lifetime of customer satisfaction and trust. It all starts with identity and with authentication software, tracking products becomes easy for you to manage and accessible to your clientele. Unique Mark imprints more than just a code on your products; it carries with it a unique fingerprint that gives your products a unique identity and history that can be tracked from conception to your customer's door.

UniqueMark News

Fake Viagra, and more, in Bangkok
Pharmo-piracy sweeps Thailand, and the rest of Southeast Asia. It's a deadly problem.

BANGKOK, Thailand - Little is real in Patpong, a glowing bazaar and sex district here in Bangkok. The Gucci is fake, the DVDs are pirated and the go-go girls tell every man he's handsome.
Drugs too are sold here openly. Not speed or cocaine, but Viagra - or at least diamond-shaped, blue pills that resemble the real thing. After dark, one aging female vendor displays dingy Viagra boxes at her stall to attract customers.
When a man shows interest, she dispatches a teenage runner to retrieve the pills from a secret location nearby. The price: $6 per tablet, $4 cheaper than the average U.S. cost.

"You want it?" asks the runner. "It's a good price."

It's likely too good to be true. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are widespread in Southeast Asia, sold for cheap on the street or in rural mom-and-pop markets.
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Inland Police Targeting Counterfeit Sellers
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.

Inland authorities are picking up the latest designer handbags, trendy clothes and hot new movies still in theaters -- but they might not be what they seem.
They are counterfeits, many of which are being sold at local swap meets and grocery store parking lots, being passed off as the real deal.
The underhanded sales hurt local businesses, police say, costing reputable retailers thousands of dollars.
Some of the profits from the counterfeit and bootleg sales have been traced to criminal gangs and help fuel global terrorism, police said.

"If other crimes are associated, these are not everyday citizens we're seeing every day selling counterfeit goods," Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Zachary Hall said. "This is a very easy way to swindle people and make a quick dollar."
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